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[st_team st_template=”layout2″ content_align=”text-default” title=”Noorzai” position=”Director of Policy & Research” description=”Mr. Noorzai is one fo the lead economists in Afghanistan. He is Phd Candidate for economics and holds Graduate Degree in Statistics. Mathematics, Economics and International Development. He has years of profession experience with national and international organizations in Pakistan, Afghansitan and Canada in different capacities. His expertises are in Economic modeling at micro and macro levels, research, survey design, data analysis, Project and Program development, Monitoring and Evaluation to Name few” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” pinterest=”#” google=”#” linkedin=”#” image=”683″]
[st_team st_template=”layout2″ content_align=”text-default” title=”Payamul Haq Barrai” position=”Director of Communication & Public Affairs ” description=”Payamul Haq Barrai is a social activitist and a renowned Afghan Writer. he has years of experience in writing articles and stories for national newspapers and social media.” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” pinterest=”#” google=”#” linkedin=”#” image=”684″]
[st_team st_template=”layout2″ content_align=”text-default” title=”Onaba Payab” position=”Director of Strategic Development” description=”Onaba Payab was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and in 2004 she graduated as the valedictorian from American University of Afghansitan (AUAF) with a degree in Business Administration.” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” pinterest=”#” google=”#” linkedin=”#” image=”685″]